Traditional Products
from Modern Producing Area

The roots of Hazer Baba dates back to 1888. It all started as a family business primarily focused on manufacture and trade of victuals in an Eastern Province of Turkey, called Elazig. Almost a century later, the company was relocated to Istanbul and restructured itself to establish a plant to handle large-scale Turkish delight production. Indeed, it was the first company which used modern equipment and manufacturing processes, while strictly being loyal to time-honored Turkish delight recipes. As expected, this brought rapid commercial success to Hazer Baba, since the company was able to preserve the original taste of Turkish delight without compromising today’s high standards of food safety.

For centuries, Turkish delight had been sold in loose form, packed in bulk. This was creating major shipping problems for importers. Not to mention the mess it created for retailers while handling and repackaging for individual customers. By innovative packaging starting from weights as little as 125 grams up to 454 grams and with the support of very appealing designs, Hazer Baba was able to revolutionize the global marketing and distribution of Turkish delight. Nowadays, Hazer Baba Turkish delight varieties are sought after products which can be found and effortlessly sold in supermarkets all around the world. Because of their unmatched shelf-life and long lasting qualities, our products sustain a stable all-year demand, as well.

Over the years, Hazer Baba has become the most well-known Turkish brand in more than 40 countries, single-handedly producing the majority of all Turkish delight exports in the world.

In addition to Turkish delight, Hazer Baba is also a reputable producer and exporter of instant fruit teas (in powder form). Cotton Candy Delight, Halva assortments in fancy gift boxes, high-end Turkish Coffee and Turkish Black Tea blends, luxury Candied Chestnuts are among our other exports.

From production to packaging and from storage to distribution, Hazer Baba has championed elevating its food safety standards to an unmatched level over the last 25 years. Consequently, it has become one the few companies in Turkey, which acquired both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 quality certifications.

In 2005, as a result of its rigorous efforts, Hazer Baba was collectively awarded by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and Turkish Ministry of Agriculture with a medal: Among all traditional food producers in Turkey, Hazer Baba was acknowledged as the top company which paid utmost attention to food safety and its award was presented in Turkish Grand National Assembly with a special ceremony.

With its expert staff, Hazer Baba offers its international customers an excellent service by flawlessly addressing all their technical and commercial needs. As long as our minimum order quantities are met, groupage shipment requests are also welcome.