Egyptian Bazaar

Four Centuries of Shopping Tradition

Egyptian Bazaar was built in the mid-17th century, right next to the New Mosque as a permanent marketplace primarily to regulate spice trade which was vital for Europe at that time, since spices and herbs were the basic ingredients of classical medicine. This is why it is also called as Spice Bazaar. Today, it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Istanbul. The L shaped structure has six entrances. No matter which one you choose, a pleasant breeze filled with aromas from all kinds of spices will salute you. With the ever-present cosmopolitan crowds mesmerised by the offerings of the surrounding shops, the ambiance created by the oriental architecture is hard to describe with words. In a way, the sensual experience can be perceived as a mystical journey or even time travel. As the leading trader of Egyptian Bazaar, Hazer Baba has a strong presence with four shops in prime locations. Our experienced multilingual staff will be more than happy to welcome you with utmost hospitality.